Powertech Encryption for IBM i

Powertech Encryption for IBM i

Encryption and Key Management Software for IBM i
Protect sensitive IBM i data with encryption, key management, and auditing

Sensitive information needs to be kept secret. That’s an indisputable fact for modern organizations, where sensitive information can include customers’ personally identifiable information, customer lists, and intellectual property.

Powertech Encryption for IBM i

Protect Sensitive Data

Powertech Encryption for IBM i protects sensitive data using strong encryption, tokenization, integrated key management, and auditing. Our complete encryption suite allows organizations to encrypt database fields, backups, and IFS files quickly and effectively with its intuitive screens and proven technology. Organizations around the world depend on Powertech Encryption to help secure confidential information data on IBM i (iSeries), as well as data from distributed systems, from both external hackers and unauthorized internal users.

Satisfy Stringent Requirements for Encryption and Key Management

Powertech Encryption will help your organization to comply with regulations through its integrated key management solution and strong IBM i field encryption and backup encryption features. Powertech Encryption utilizes AES and TDES encryption algorithms, both of which follow standard (non-proprietary) specifications as published by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). AES and TDES are widely used for protecting highly sensitive data and complying with PCI DSS, HIPAA and State Privacy laws. Powertech Encryption also includes comprehensive auditing features, easing the pain of compliance reporting.

Data Privacy

Encryption Made Easy

IBM i database encryption doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. The design of Powertech Encryption allows organizations to implement encryption quickly using intuitive screens and commands, while providing a high degree of protection. Every effort has been made in Powertech Encryption to minimize the application changes needed, allowing an organization to implement encryption successfully for less time and money.

Key Features:

Automatically encrypt sensitive database fields and columns using strong encryption AES or TDES without making changes to your application programs for data encryption. Access to data can be tightly controlled at the feld/user level and only authorized users will have the ability to decrypt data and gain access to the full or masked values. Decryption of any data can be fully audited in Powertech Encryption, which will log the user id, date, time, job information and key utilized.

Powertech Encryption uses strong AES encryption to encrypt and decrypt files and folder on the Integrated File System (IFS). All types of IFS stream files can be encrypted including text, PDF, JPG, TIF, CSV and XLS files. The encryption of IFS files can be completely automatic for designated folders or can be user-driven using Powertech Encryption commands that can be entered on the IBM i command line, placed in CL programs, incorporated in BRMS and used in job schedulers on the IBM i.

Powertech Encryption provides native backup (tape) encryption for IBM i customers that wish to protect their sensitive backup media including entire libraries, objects and/or IFS files. Backups can be protected using Keys from Powertech Encryption's Key Management System to provide strong security. Powertech Encryption's backup and restore commands can be entered on the IBM i command line, placed in CL programs, incorporated in BRMS and used in job schedulers on the IBM i, automating the process of encrypting your backups.

Powertech Encryption includes an advanced Key Management system which resides natively on the IBM i and is seamlessly integrated with Powertech Encryption’s policy controls, encryption functions and auditing facilities to provide a comprehensive data protection solution. Together with the integrated security on IBM i, organizations can strictly control access to Key maintenance/usage activities and meet compliance requirements. Powertech Encryption also provides interfaces for securely sharing Keys with other systems such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, Windows, Linux and AIX.

Tokenization should be considered when sensitive data is stored on multiple systems throughout an organization. Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identifcation numbers (e.g. tokens) and storing the original data on a central server, typically in encrypted form. By centralizing sensitive data onto a single system, tokenization can help thwart hackers and minimize the scope of compliance audits such as PCI.

Powertech Encryption includes comprehensive auditing for meeting the most stringent security requirements. Audit log entries are generated for a variety of critical events. These audit log entries can be displayed and printed using a variety of selection criteria, including date/ time range, user and audit type. Alert messages can also be sent to QSYSOPR, QAUDJRN, email and SYSLOG.

Find out how strong encryption, tokenization, integrated key management and auditing can help protect your sensitive IBM i data and meet compliance regulations.